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I have suffered from uncontrolled leg twitching for many years.  Unofficially it is RLS, however it is difficult qualifying for insurance with this condition so officially I am not diagnosed.  Trying to fall asleep at night is miserable and the lack of sleep increased my anxiety which resulted in ending my career and employment.   I end up on the couch most nights because laying on my side with the support on my back tends to relieve some of the tension and less twitching.  The prescription medication causes nausea so I have tried different remedies and searched for new at-home ideas.  Exercise tends to cause deep joint pain so the walking has not helped me.I've been taking Calcium & Magnesium supplements for almost a year now but still suffering with no relief.  I seriously even tried the soap under the mattress, actually soap bar probably still there after years although no help, but not a surprise.  In the middle of the night I get up to stretch legs, walk around - pace, and hard to relax because that's when the twitching acts up.  I have tried cutting back on caffine but when already sleep deprived, hard to give up. Bashfully i will admit that an orgasism does tense all of muscles and results in relaxation enough to fall asleep as a temporary relief most of the time.  Late one night while trying to fall asleep, saw a message on this website about Tonic water and mustard.  I really don't want to try the mustard approach yet but will be my next option.  However, I have sipped about 1/4-1/3 cup of diet tonic water this week and have had less trouble than have had in the past.  So I am sticking with a small drink of tonic water before bed for now and want to say thanks to everyone for the variety of options and solutions.  Hope others get some relief soon! 

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Hi, how much walking did you do? I ask because with my 20 min walks its almost killed the RLS. But I'm early stages of walking in the evening I remember a day where I walk for 30mins as well as choosing a route which was up hill, that night I had deep pains in my legs although the RLS twitching had gone. I guess what I'm saying is do try the walking but don't over do it!! Trial and error will work, maybe 10mins at first ?? Good luck
Hussain xx


I have suffered RLS for years. No problem going to sleep but after I wake up during the night to relieve myself, after I go back to bed, the RLS starts. I then get up, go to the refrigerator and pour myself a glass of milk. RLS gone and I fall asleep for the rest of the night. Try it, it works.


I take Requip for my RLS but it seems like when I overwork myself during the day its worse and it takes a long time for the medication to work and sometimes it stops working in the middle of the night. I have found that taking a hot bath or (believe it or not) washing dishes helps relieve the symptoms. Tis problem may seem minor but it has cost me my career also.


If the RLS was so serious that it ended your career and employment, time to stop fooling around with home remedies and placebos, get to a doctor and get some meds! If it is really that debilitating, shop for doctors til you find one that will prescribe something! My God, you are drinking tonic water and considering mustard and this is so bad that you can not work!!??


I have been taking requip and it has not helped the RLS at all and the nausea and nasal stuffiness is horrible. In the past, the only thing that helped was 1/2 a vicodin, but my docs won't keep prescribing it. Last night I was so frustrated and crying, I googled natural remedies and one suggested a cold towel on the legs, so I did that - I wet a towel and put it around my calves and feet - and do you know that it freaking worked!!!!! I can't believe it. I fell soundly asleep after that. I hope it keeps on working. I've also been 4 days w/ no caffeine.

Muriel Thompson

I to for years have suffered from RLS. Very bad at nite. Can't sleep tried the hot shower it worked for awhile n I also take requip to no avail . I just can't find any thing that will work. I even rap my legs in ace bandages it helps a little n I've tried conlazpam. It help for awhile. Now my doctor has me on 3 different meds for this with no help. Please someone come up with something that gets rid of this for good! Would like sleep all nite. All I can say is help find a cure.


Don't be bashful about orgasms. I too have tried this method, and to be honest, it works for a minute for me and that's all. If you'd like to correspond on this topic just let me know. Thanks for sharing.


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