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If you can see the abscess on your gums, you can apply salt (not salt water) directly to it... but be prepared. First, apply a lot of salt to the site covering it. You will begin to salivate, just spit it out and try to avoid disolving the salt and spitting that out. You will feel the salt working almost right away, it may even ease the pain a bit. Salt is a natural astringent and will draw the infection to the top. When it bursts be sure to spit that gack out! (You will know when it has because you will taste and smell the foulness)The salt works pretty quickly and once the infection is out and the pressure subsided the pain goes away. The swelling may take some time to go down completely. You may have to apply it a couple of times to draw the infection out depending how deep the infection is. I have had quite a few abscesses and this has worked like a charm saving me trips to the doctor or dentist. Just make sure that when all is said and done you rinse your mouth out and spit the remnants from the abscess out. I have applied a little bit of peroxide with a q-tip but that can burn a bit.

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a teabag can keep the salt in place.


Mine was on the top too. I put the salt on my finger and held it to the abscess. It really works almost instantly...


I figured I had nothing to lose (my face is swollen and none of my doctors are in town to get an antibiotic) and was JUST getting ready to try this, when I got a HORRIBLE taste in my mouth. The abscess had just drained on its own.

Your post must have made it afraid ;)


Miz Rae

This so worked! Thank you!


So glad I found this out I've been in pain for 2 days no sleep tried EVERYTHING over the counter nothin worked as fast as this!!!! Thanks so much!


I was looking for anything to give me relief from an abcess today and ran across this, I had a tooth pulled and it left fragments that try to surface every once in awhile. I suffered all night and half the morning and my jaw looked like I had a golf ball in it. I had been rinsing with salt water but it just wasn't helping. I tried this and after about 5 mins. It burst! Instant relief!!! Thank you for posting this! I am going to schedule oral surgery to stop this from happening..but until then this is amazing!


i've had an abcess before so when i had another coming on, i tried this. BOOM! works like a charm!


I just tried this after using a tea bag and peroxide rinses for the last few days, the pain is bearable for the most part but my face is swollen along the jaw line. I used a small piece of bread and put the salt on it and left it there for a few minutes and the pain is nearly gone and the swelling is already starting to go down...I am amazed right now...thank you so much for this tip

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