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If you can see the abscess on your gums, you can apply salt (not salt water) directly to it... but be prepared. First, apply a lot of salt to the site covering it. You will begin to salivate, just spit it out and try to avoid disolving the salt and spitting that out. You will feel the salt working almost right away, it may even ease the pain a bit. Salt is a natural astringent and will draw the infection to the top. When it bursts be sure to spit that gack out! (You will know when it has because you will taste and smell the foulness)The salt works pretty quickly and once the infection is out and the pressure subsided the pain goes away. The swelling may take some time to go down completely. You may have to apply it a couple of times to draw the infection out depending how deep the infection is. I have had quite a few abscesses and this has worked like a charm saving me trips to the doctor or dentist. Just make sure that when all is said and done you rinse your mouth out and spit the remnants from the abscess out. I have applied a little bit of peroxide with a q-tip but that can burn a bit.

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I just tried this! It really does work...and fast! Thank you so much :)


How long do you keep the salt in there? 30 seconds? or more? My access is in the last tooth on the lower left side of the mouth.


Wow I must say it does work. As soon as I put salt on the swollen area it deflated lol. However, the pocket hasn't busted so I may have to do it again to relieve the infection but the swollen went down and some relief of the pain! yaaay


OMG! I can't believe how well that really worked! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I didn't sleep a wink I was in so much pain and the salt brought the swelling down straight away and the pain with it. I will keep doing this until I can get to the dentist. Be liberal with the salt folks!


It worked for me too... took a couplr of applications but the relief i felt when it finally came out was amazing


i dont kno


Wow this worked amazingly i have been in tears for 3 days now and im 2 mths pregnant so i haven't been taking any pain meds, so when i seen this i did it rite away.. thank you so much that is very much ao appreciated


I have been miserable for 4 days, even taking antibiotics. Finally read this and tried it. Wow. I feel so much better.


That is amazing, i had basically instant pain relief. Thank you so very much :)

Jen M.

Any suggestions if it's a top tooth? I could try this, but obviously the salt isn't going to stay...

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