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the best and quickest by far for poison oak or ivy is clorox bleach pour it on or dab it on, wait until it blisters up and apply my remedy and its bye bye rash and bye bye iching.. promise it works wonders!! it burns but it only last for a few minutes then your done!

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~Momma B~

Terrible idea. Too much skin irritation an scaring afterward. Use baking soda or baking powered mixed as a thick paste. Wrap with moistened paper towel or gauze. Leave over night. Wash with tecnew and repeat.

Mom of boys

We do the bleach. And my brother swears by it. Only thing that stops rash dead in tracks.


Unless you try and find out your sre allergic to the bleach, then you have blisters on top of blisters. So make sure you do not have allergy to the bleach before you use it.


My legs were so bad with poison oak , people thought I had been burnt,and the itching was driving me crazy! Clorox bleached is the only thing that worked. Stopped the itching and was gone within days!


Dose it matter if is Clorox bleach?


Ohhhhhhh,what do you do if your arm looks like this?


FTW!! I get poison ivy and oak every year. I have to work in the woods, and landscape around my house. Bleach baby bleach. I stumbled upon the bleach while in the army. I got a good case while on AIT. I was 60 gunner and had to dive off the side of a road during a simulated exercise. Wouldn't you know it right into a patch of poison ivy. lower arms were covered. While doing laundry duty, cleaning tubs with bleach and water I discovered how good it felt on the affected areas. Itch was GONE!! I know bleach is a toxin. I also know the itch gets so bad you stop caring. Dilute it and use it.

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