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Take a ingertip of salt or a cotton swab and put it directly onto the caity! I swear this works! I have salt on mine right now and I feel like I am in heaven! You might have to keep repeating every 30-45 minutes though...

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it works a little


it is late here and for the last two nights i could not sleep thinking my tooth ache would go away... I have really bad teeth and i go to the dentist alot but i must say this time my tooth is killing me and i have to wait till tomorrow mornning to get it fixed i just added the salt to my tooth ALOT of it just just a pinch lol and i must say i will sleep well pain is gone completely i have the falt in my mouth for only 15 min now and don't know if in an hour i will need some more but take it from me SALT is it :) thanx to you who posted the idea.


Believe me the salt is wonderful.I have had a toothe ache all day and I tried the salt and water rinse.It works wonders.The pain instantly stops.


I tried so many different remedies before resorting to straight up salt (I was garglign with salt water which was only a very short relief.) I have to say, the salt did work great for about an hour. After reading other posts, I also tried crushed garlic which so far is holding up quite well. The one suggestion that I have is to keep the salt off your gums. I packed the garlic in my tooth and thought I would put the salt on my sour gums. What a mistake that was! It burns like hell and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it blisters.

I am going to grab some sleep before the pain returns.

Good luck with your tooth ache pain!


i've had this killer toothache all day and all night, still went and worked a 10 hour shift. got home put my kids to bed sittin in pain, playin pogo, and this girl told me to come to this website and see what it says....
so im readin page after page, none of this stuff do i have at home to try, until i read this one about the salt... yea, it actually worked!!! im sittin happy as hell pain free.... thank god...

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