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My comment is especially for the girl who wrote how painful peeing can be with genital herpes sores. The way I got through my first attack.. I had 77 sores at one time, My husband counted them. My doctors gave me Xylocaine to put on locally and told me to lie naked and let them get air as much as possible. Peeing was extremely painful and impossible to bear unless I ran a few inches of water in the bathtub, sat in it and then peeed. There was virtually no pain when urinating this way. If you have to poop, sit and pee in the bath water first, then sit on toilet and poop. It's the only way I survived that first attack of genital herpes. With subsequent, less fierce outbreaks you can sit on the toilet and as you pee pour a large plastic cupful of water from the sink over your genitals. It helps, but the tub is still best if you have a tub or plastic basin to sit in.

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This too, This got me through my first outbreak when I had to pee... Using the toilet, The pain while peeing was unbearable... It Felt like urinating fire frm the pits of hell! So I would hold my urine most of the day for as long as possible... Till one day I decided to take a cool bath to help ease the pain... After getting in the tub, I realized I had to pee... I tryd to get out, slipped back in, and let Ith all pour out... Hell of a difference frm using the toilet...


What about if you have severe bumps in anus, any advice on how to poop without feeling like death?


I literally said oh my god when I read 77 sores. No offense. I really wish I had read this when I had my first breakouts, 8 months ago. I use to hold my pee for hours because I was too scared to go. I would feel on the verge of passing out from pain every time I went. It has messed up my urinary tract for life.

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