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Hey guys, thanks for your tips about clove oil but unfortunately I live in a pretty small town all we really have is a walmart, no health stores..So I have been doing peroxide on a qtip and sea salt water..also I literally just put some orajel on a qtip and dabbed it in there and that stuff works really well for me..granted my pain hasn't been to bad..more of an annoyance feel in my socket area..I do want to mention though make sure if you start to see crust in your dry socket make sure to clean in out with a qtip will only get worse and will not heal right if you do not clean out that crust area..qtip is what i used..and swish the qtip left to right VERY gently in your socket...So if you can't get clove just go with

sea salt water

as long as you stay on top of it, it seems to stay less painful. Good luck everyone.

Also I am a smoker, probably what caused my socket I didn't wait long's been a week sense I got all 4 wisdoms pulled and smoked 2 days after..:| only one dry socket. my other sockets look well after a week.. so if you smoke try and not to smoke that much i know its hard trust me. but it's worth it to wait.

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