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I actually developed tinea pedis and scabies while living with my roommate and his 12 dogs that were absolutely filthy. I'm not necessarily a germophobe but I was raised to thoroughly clean after I use things even down to the simplest task of washing my hands every time I come home before I do or touch anything. My skin kept breaking out in these horrible lesion type things and I tried everything from baby powder to dry out the skin, hydro-cortisone cream all over my body and even lotrimin cream as well. Honestly the itching was driving me mad and was embarrassing to scratch when I was out in public. Also, at the bottom of my feet I developed these bubbles that just kept spreading. I tried performing 'surgery' on myself by popping them open and squeezing out the goo inside and it relieved the pressure of the swelling but in the morning I'd have new ones. I assumed I got that on my feet from using the same shower he did as he walked around the house barefoot. (sorry don't mean to be graphic but I think it may help someone)
I don't know if I recommend this treatment for everyone but there were a few things I did that actually helped me and prevented me from having outbreaks as extreme as that. Every morning after my shower (scrubbed twice with anti bacterial soap and water as hot as I could stand) i would stand on a towel naked and pour and use my hand to spread rubbing alcohol (90% or stronger) all over my body being careful not to inhale the fumes and allowing it to dry, then I could put my clothes on and be itch free the rest of the day. The first couple of times I did this all of the spots would burn outrageously but after that it didn't hurt at all. On my feet I would also spread CVS brand anti fungal itch relief cream (that worked better than lotrimin) on the bottom of my feet. I would also do this when I came home and changed out of the clothes I wore outside which I put directly into the hamper to be washed as soon as it was convenient. I washed all of my clothes and bedding in boiling hot water and did not wear any of the same thing twice. In the first 24 hours I had immediate relief. At the end of the week I was completely clear. Turns out once you have scabies you're prone to outbreaks so as soon as I see any sign of it I do the same regimen and it's gone in no time. Also, I moved out of that filthy house and didn't look back. Hope this helps someone.

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Wow! I'm 34 and never had this problem before and I myself am schizophrenic and a self mutilator by choice. The reason that is relevant is a. I enjoy hardcore answers such as yours and b. I was informed by three different doctors it was all in my head because I had no actual rings but the huge gaping wounds I had created in order to be rid of the creepy crawlies and their marks.

I am sooooo happy you mentioned the big bubbles on your feet seeing as I've not been privy of that symptom until now and was starting to wonder about my sanity myself.

Thank you very much! I'm using nail polish right now and making all kinds of pretty pictures in different colors which just makes my husband even more irritated with me but whatever. My first order of action after this all dries is to follow all of your tips!

Cross your fingers for me please!

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