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A safe and effective bedwetting remedy is to take Cornsilk capsules - my 7 yr old has always wet the bed thoroughly every night. I was recommended by a herbalist to try Cornsilk and bedwetting stopped the first night and ever since has been dry!

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where can you buy cornsilk capsules?


I would like to know also, as my 9 year old is bedwetting


I would like to know also, my 7 year old is bedwetting


i was wondering that also but u probably can ask the pharmacy at walmart or something like that and they could tell


I just bought some at Clark's nutrition. I just want to know the dosage...


What is it supposed to do? And are they safe?


My daughter has been using the corn silk for about 2 months. Ever since she started taking it, the bedwetting problems stopped until 1 week ago when the problem reappeared. Does anyone know why the capsules would work so perfectly and then all of a sudden, they just stopped working?


Do you take corn silk once or every night

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