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After reading this entire thread, I decided to try things I already had at home. I already had symptoms of vitamin B deficiency and had just bought some nutritional yeast when this terrible angular cheilitis came about, so I decided to double my dosage every day. I have been eating 6 Tablespoons of Kal nutritional yeast every day sprinkled on my food, it has been 3 days. The sore got a little better but it was still scabbed over and very painful. Yesterday morning I decided to try vinegar, baking soda, and diaper rash cream. Periodically throughout the day I applied vinegar with a clean towel and held it on the sore until the burning went away. I then used a clean finger to dab some baking soda onto the sore. I left the baking soda on for several hours, until I had an opportunity to repeat the process with the vinegar. When it was time for bed I again cleaned with vinegar, then applied diaper rash cream containing 16% zinc oxide (I'm sure there's something out there with a higher concentrate of zinc but I already this on hand), and patted some baking soda on top of it. The angular cheilitis is soooooo much better today than it was yesterday. It's still a bit sore but no longer scabbed over and it's drying out. It's no longer red and angry looking, it's a dark pink with some dry skin around the edges.

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