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I'm 16 and have had acne since I was 10. It used to be really mild (just little bumps) but started getting bad when I was 13. Last year I started seeing a dermatologist in September. Last month I started using epiduo and I'm not sure if it's helping or not yet but it does take a while to work. I start school in a few days and freaked because in having a major breakout (mostly because of my period -.-). So I read a lot of remedies and I was planning on getting lemon juice, tea tree oil, an apple cider vinegar to try; but I also saw a lot of people suggesting toothpaste. I decided why not try it cause I don't have anything to lose haha. I have crest complete, it's a whitening toothpaste with scope in it, orange flavored. I wasnt sure if it was gonna work because it's half gel half paste. I just put it on for about 15mins and kinda got a little bored of it because I didn't want to fall asleep with it on haha. When I took it off I noticed it wasn't red anymore and the pimples got noticeably smaller, I was actually really surprised and decided to reapply it and leave it on over night. So not saying it will stop acne, but its deff insult a quick fix for a breakout! I love it!

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Actually using toothpaste on acne is not a good fix to get rid of it because toothpaste has floride in it wich makes the acne more sevre and spreads it as well. It may seem to have a healing affect for short term but long term your doing more damage. I suggest finding a cream with benzoyl peroxide be carefull not to use it often as it has a tendency to dry out your skin.


I think this is a great idea! But it can dry out your skin so I recommend leaving it on for about 10 minutes then rinsing it with a hot wash cloth!

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