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My husband had been suffering from restless leg for the last 2 years. It was so bad that his leg would jump not only at night but during the day and practically knock him out of the chair during the day. The leg jerking came with a lot of pain. I came to this website 3 weeks ago to see how everyone else treated this painful and sleep disturbance situation. We looked at what my husband ate & drank the most of and analyzed it. He cut back on cafeine and sweets - way back! He added a 8 oz glass of tonic water, sweetened, and drank it in the morning and one before he went to bed. The day after he started drinking the tonic water he restless leg had gone completely away!!!! Its been gone now for 2 2 1/2 weeks! Praise God! I hope this will work for husband is now well rested.

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Yep....praise god. Like the man who lives in the sky DIDN'T cause the problem in the first place. Soft minded fools.....


Hi, thanks for sharing, im going to try this, im 29 yrs old and have recently went cold turkey off of ultram and just started having RLS 2 days ago, I pray its short term, my prayers are with all! Thanks again....


I have rls so bad that i keep my fiancea up because i'm constantly moving my legs, The pain is also down in my ankles now, has your husband had that problem also?


OK, Tonic water contains quinine and quinine has been used to treat leg cramps. I have asked this question on this site before - Are leg cramps the same as RLS? I have had RLS forever and it does make it impossible for me to sleep in a bed, and like everyone else, I have had leg cramps and other than occurring in my legs, I think they are completely different things. Does anyone know for sure? To me leg cramps or any muscle cramp is caused by exertion, and loss of salt through sweating while RLS is caused by insufficient dopamine in the brain. BTW, I have read that the amount bof quinine in tonic water is insufficient to yield any positve results regardless of what you are using it to treat.


RLS and leg cramps are SO not the same!!! RLS is a bear! I am on Mirapex and seems to help. My legs are now at a stage where they throb almost constant. I just started Neurontin which does nothing I can tell so I am not continuing it. Mirapex works, I at 2 tablets (.50mg a day). I have tried every over the counter med I hear of, only brief if any relief. I can stand in a shower with hot water hitting my legs, relieves for a short time.

I dont know what will give 100% relief, believe me when or if I know, I will post it everywhere!!!

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