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Happy Now!

Urine just helped my stie...hurrey! thank U for the good advices! it worked! i applied it to my eyelid ~4times...& it's gone!...

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Urine does not contain waste products - idiot - get your facts straight before calling others...


I found that a worm tea bag helps bring it out faster. So it will vanish in a few days.


going to try the tea bag thing


If you need a T-bag, I got ya covered


I can't stop laughing!


Urine DOES work, u don't have to fill a cup of ur urine then dump it on ur eye. The next time u potty get a q-tip and put some pee on it then really does work!!!


urine from what urself??


You dont know until you have tried it! I second that urine actually works :)


Urine isn't always sterile...but if there are no infections or cross contaminations, it generally is sterile...but it's composition will also be affected by diet and consumption of drugs, etc.

The 'mid-stream' advice is sensible, because the first bit to flow likely washes out most undesirables lurking between bladder and exit.

Darker urine is stronger, than clear...containing more of things like salt, amonia, and urea...which exert some antiseptic properties.

It has a multitude of purported uses...interesting to research.

Haven't tried it on a sty yet, but might if some of the other choices were unavailable.

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