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I had a dry socket due to having my bottom tooth out 10 days ago i was in severe pain in the middle of the night i found this site about using clove oil so i found some in my cupboard and put a cotton bud in warm water and put the clove oil onit and put it on and around my gum and the pain went away it was just like magic i then packed my gum with cotton wool mixed with warm water clove oil and went to sleep at last i had not had any sleep at all as the pain was so very severe so my advise to you is if you are in severe pain due to a dry socket or toothace USE CLOVE OIL ITS THE BEST HOME REMEDY FOR SEVERE PAIN YOU WILL USE PLEASE DONT FORGET TO KEEP ON RINSING YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH WARM SALT WATER BEFORE USING CLOVE OIL AS THIS HELPS THE HEALING PROCESS WORK QUICKER HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER THERE IS NOTHING MORE PAINFUL THEN A DRY SOCKET

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I had my bottom wisdom tooth taken out in pieces as it was a difficult extraction. The pain got so bad that 4 days later I was back at the dentist with a dry socket. The dentist packed it with this clove oil dressing ( which looks like horse poo). It hasn't provided a great deal of relief, but you can buy this pain relief liquid for your teeth which contains clove oil AND lignocaine ( which is a local anesthetic). Just put a some on a small piece of gauze and pack it in the hole. Works an absolute treat for me.

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