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I'm kind of at a loss right now... I've had GW for over a year & it's embarassing. I won't even think about having a bf right now... I'm 27, I want to settle down, but these things are gross. I don't have a lot, maybe about 10 single ones on the outside lips of my vagina. None inside that I can tell. They are small, maybe the size of those little white seeds in a watermelon, some smaller then that. But I'm having a he** of a time getting rid of them & I'm very upset. Got prescribed Aldara, didn't do anything. I've been working with ACV, they turned white, sometimes a thin layer of skin would come off, but that's it. No turning gray and magically falling off like so many people have mentioned. And last week using ACV my skin got pretty burned. Had to stop & let it heal. I'm almost healed up but my skin was peeling off. And some of them survived all that. I've started treating them one at a time again vs just taping a giant wad of cottonball soaked in ACV on my skin. And yep, they are white... but I'm no confident in them turning gray, then black, and 'falling off.' I've also tried the asprin/ACV paste, didn't seem to do much. Also tried Iodine, pretty much the same result. I'm using tea tree oil at night too help my skin heal, just put it on, uncovered, and let my skin rest. I take a daily vitamin with 150% of the daily dose of Vit C plus I've started taking 2tblsp of ACV a day internally which tastes horrible but I'm sticking to it... I'm so discouraged right now... what am I doing wrong? Anything else I can try?

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ACV didn't work for me either after a lot of attempts. I bought wartec off eBay and it worked for me. You can also have your doctor prescribe u wartec


Go to a dermatologist and have them frozen off. Worked for me.


freeze um doc has a spray falls off in a few days.


Your diet and life style can have a lot to do with an outbreak and it going away. Anything that compremises your immune function will play a role in how fast you will heal. Refined sugar (i.e in pop, candy etc...) will cause your body's immune system to be less effective.

Look up diets for HPV & herpes (although they are different viruses, both are affected by a weak immune system)

Also stress is a big factor as well.

Hope this helps


hey a few mnths ago i also had gw and it feels shit...i do understand how u feel just thinking about that gw shit...based on my personal experience..and since acv is hard 2 find here in my place..(im in da philippines btw) instead of acv, i used white vinegar, a cotton ball, and a medical tape...soaked the cotton in da wyt vinegr(press the cotton lightly just to remove the excess vinegar) put it in da wart and taped it.. I did it everynyt str8 for a wiks eventhough my skin was burned i just endured the pain den after dat i stopped for 3 days just to let my skin heal a little and den continued da treatment for just 4 days...after that i stopped and after a few days i noticed the warts turned black and i scratched some of it and it peeled off..some just comes of wen u take a bath...until now i still do the treatment atleast twice or once a wik just to be sure dey are totally gone...(eventhough i cant actualy see dem anymor) and btw i had 10-12 warts b4 da treatment... just have patience and ol ur efforts will pay off... ^_^


Hi, try Olive Leaf Extract(Glycerite) with water 2-3 times a day.
Brush the back of your tongue, floss your teeth once a day and rinse your mouth out with 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide (3% is enough) and 1 tsp of water for 2 minutes before. This is to help improve your immune system so at night, your body can fight other things (gw) rather than your bacteria in your mouth. Also, try keeping your ph at 7 and add green tee (I prefer decaf) and leafy veggies to your diet. Always love yourself or be working on loving yourself because love is all you need whether it comes from you or from someone else. ;)

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