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I have had problems with this and done lots, I have found something that works 100% in 3-4 days it will be gone and if wanted put bits on here and there when you remember too, There is a natural product you can buy call Black Walnut Tincture, 22$ comes in small bottle, drop 15 drops and wipe around on area with cotton ball and let air dry. do this 2 times a day for 3-5 days morning night along with showers and dry gitch. This is thee most amazing thing ever 100% satisfied. read up on black walnut its an amazing product for any kind of skin infections, also can get pills take 4 a day for 2 weeks while wiping area infected area will be gone for sure.

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I have itch problem for maybe years now. I have seen GP, they gave me cream but cream does not work. I hate the feelings at night, I don't get a good sleep due to irritation. It's like I have to scratch it. Skin goes dry under my testicles and when I scratch them they turn like red almost very painful. I feel shy to go to any doctors now.

I will definitely buy new underwears and try some of the suggestion. I really hated this feeling. If some works I'll keep you guys posted.

Secret Admirer

With my respond above I was amazed with things that I have tried. I really thought that my jock itch will never go away. I was amazed by the result. This is how you guys solve the problem.

Start living clean. I have been reading online about these type of problems hoping and seeking for a solution. First Let me introduce my self and how I got the problem. Evaluating the situation I can now understand more about these jock itch. I do workout at least daily. I normally workout during afternoon after work. I normally don't shower after workout and would wait till I get home which would take me at least 1 and half hour if a bad traffic happens. Imagine the sweat that gets dry. I know it's ewwww. Also I don't shower in the morning going to work because often I don't have time. I ignored the problem when I had it earlier until it went worst. I was infected when I scratched down there I damage the skin and it burns so bad. Fungus loves that.. when you scratch because that's how they spread. I should have know this sooner because I work in a medical section.

I wanna help as much as I can here. Shower twice a day. First thing in the morning have a shower. Buy a Nizoral Shampoo from the parmacy (no prescription needed)small amount of nizoral to rub around your itchy bit leave it for 1 min before rinsing. If you feel like scratching it 'DO NOT'. i KNOW it feels good when you scratch it but I have a solution for you guys not to scratch it. Let the cold water drop to the area. Cold water will ease the scratching. Make your self dry like very dry after shower and .... Man up! small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar <---- will try to kill the bacteria. Do not dilute the ACV with water. It's gonna burn a little,,, get your self ready... before you put ACV (not to much okay) make sure you have some small electric fan to point down there. The feeling when you put an ACV is crazy but honestly it's fucking worthy! . Now after you put ACV and when it's your thingi is dry spray your itchy bit with 'LYNX' I swear this work so great, just one spray (the reason for this is to get the future bacteria go away.) Make it dry again and finally put so Calamine Lotion<---- Calamine Lotion will repair your skin and it stops itching as well.. (prevent.) Do this method for 3 days. The fourth day. After you shower another solution I will give. Super tiny amount of 'Nizoral' but as soon as you put it around the area was it right away. Once dry Spray with 'Lynx' let it dry then Put 'Coconut Oil around the area. Coconut oil will fix your damage skins also will kill worms. Do that for 3 days again.

Make sure you change underwear all each shower, and Use cotton underwear. Wash your underwear your self (hand wash) The final wash before your hang it is with hot water.....

Man I'll tell you thanks for this website because I learn a lot also. I was suffering with this so bad and now I feel so great. I used to hang out with friends and had to make excuse just for me to fucking scratch it every 30 mins or something. Now nothing.

Last note if you feel like there's something crawling down your anus at night and needs to scratch it... dont' think twice if you have a worm. It's normal to have parasite.. Go get a medicine to take. I took Vernox.

Wish you guys luck...


if you feel like scratcing it, just just heat it with a blow drier. The heat will kill the itch you can't scratch.

no thanks

This smells of scam for cash... the posts touting this miracle cure sound too good to be true... I'm sure they are.

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