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i have had eczema my entire life. i suffered growing up - as i got older it affected me more around my lips. i would scratch so much in my sleep that i had literally gouged above and below my lips and would wake up to blood dried on my nails/fingers and pillow. A&D ointment REALLY helped when i hit my mid 20's. RX's did NOTHING and at times would make it worse. Berts Bees lip ointment/chapstick helps as well. BUT when i am having a 'flare up' (due to stress usually), it burns and causes more itching initially - as i type i am having the worst flare up around my lips since i hit adulthood and NOTHING is helping :( i cant sleep because of how miserably uncomfortable i am. After reading some of the posts, i didnt even think of a food connection and will be cleansing and refining my diet first thing in the morning. good luck to you that suffer - DONT SCRATCH!!!!

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synjanne diet is the most important thing you can do. i posted it above and there is supplemental info in the comment section. unfortunately there is no cure but i assure you if you use that diet it will relieve the a lot if not most of the symptoms. it eliminates toxins and is anti-inflammatory. if you fix the inside your skin will clear up. this diet helps the body repair itself. no creams, moisturizers, nothing. best of luck :)


I know it's true that in order to fix the outside, you must clean the inside. Your liver and kidneys are the main things to clean. I know too much toxins can cause issues. But I still have issues with my eczema. My teacher(who does everything natural) told me also about 4-herb tea. It's great on cleansing your liver. Your liver can cause a lot of skin issues. 4-herb tea is very good for you (hint: 4 herbs) you can get the stuff off of I am gonna try this today along with the food diet this lady told us about on here. It wouldn't hurt. :)

C. Ramirez

i tend to flare up around my lips and i get it from stress, chapsticks and all that tended to burn and irritate my lips and the skin surrounding it too so i got Vaseline lip therapy and i works really good i tend to spread it over my lip lines and surround my mouth with it at night and i wake up the next morning and it helps so u can try that


when you flare up try to remember what you ate that day to see whats causing the flare ups. good luck.


synjanne for temporary relief of itching try a compress with non- chlorinated or fluorinated water with quality salt like himalayan salt do not use table salt. put it over the itchy area this should help. like you said do not itch will make it worse.

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