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Tried everything !!!! Cap star can be pricey if you have a lot of pets like i do-
BAG BALM !!!!!!!!! Rub it all over your pet, wrap your pet in a blanket- As soon as I covered my babies in it the fleas died- and it wont harm your pet- Yes it is messy, but it is cheap and works GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Put Baking soda on my carpet- we will see how that works-
Putting garlic in there food- I even rubbed garlic on my pets- I was desperate- trying anything- I dont and wont use pesticides !!!! ALL NATURAL !!!!!
Bag balm is used for cows teets- Use it on my dogs for other things- Never has hurt them- Worked at a vet for 2 years and seen a lot of pets die and end up very sick from pesticides !!
The only thing a fkea collar is good for is to cut up and put in your vacuum- it kills the fleas and eggs- dump outside as soon as your done.

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i just found out that garlic is bad for your dogs , please be careful :)


Did you leave the bag balm on under the blanket for a set time and then bathe or just let it soak in?

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