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Ok I have been getting what I thought was pimples or regular old bumps for years now.i usually got them right before or after my cycle until recently I seem to get them once a month in the same spot and realized that they are boils. so a couple of days ago ive gotten a real disturbing one. It was the biggest ive ever had. I couldnt sit and it hurt when I walk and stand. So I came on here to see how to get rid of it. The first day after I showered I used peroxide neosporin and toothpaste and covered it with cotton. Within an hour I started feelin less pain hours later I used a hot compress and put neosporin and toothpaste the next day I just used neosporin and hours later wen I used the bathroom it was pus covered in the cotton I am so happy that I found something to help me get rid of them so I can be pain free

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Thanks for this. I am giving it a go. I will keep you posted.


If the boils keep reoccurring in the same place you need to see a doctor. There is a 'sac' that fills with puss. If you continue to get the boil in the same spot you need to have that 'sac' removed.


You should look up Hidradenitis suppurativa.

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