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get a nice long sleep and if that dosen't work see a doctor or scrub the dark circles with soap

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People are coming here for honest advice...thanks for wasting all of our time...


I'm 58 and was a beauty consultant for a big store. You NEVER rub scrub your eyes . You will look much younger for longer if you use the utmost gentle touch around the eyes.


This was sooo funny! Not very good advice but very funny.


You can't wash off your dark circles!! Your crazy and you act as if we can just sleep and in one night they'll be gone it doesn't work like that get your stuff together lol sometimes ppl surprise me with how stupid we can be lol



Erika V

Everyone of your comments are so true...boy I went on on to learn a way but I think I just laughed my circles away!thanks you all for the morning comedy talk.


Just wanna say that most of these home remedies are meant to be a quick fix lol...and AHAHAHHA to the person who thought that comment was made by a man. In MY OPINION...the person who posted this was trolling


Ignorant answer!
It's nothing to wash off !
It's under the skin!!!


Lmao!!!! Scrub with soap??This is a joke right? Wow!!!

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