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Well hey in just go to say it might not be what u expect while time I was having real bad tooth pain I thought it was bcuz my filling fell out but it was due to a huge cavatie in my wisdom tooth well good news I got it pulled today so I'm pain free my other teeth are no longer hurting anymore....MAKE A TRIP TO THE DENTIST IT'S WAY BETTER THEN TEMP RELIEF!!!

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Ok this site is set up for ppl who cant afford to go to a dr. Or a dentist. My question is why your here?


it would be great if everyone could afford to have dental insurance. Go away if your here just to rub in the fact that you have dental insurance.


many would go if they could afford it, perhaps you can suggest an AFFORDABLE dentist ?


Or a free one... dentist that is


Had to cancel an extraction appointment at a dental school because I didn't have a spare $180 this week.

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