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I have a broken molar and a few fillings that have broken apart and left exposed nerves. I do have dental insurance but being pregnant and about three weeks from my due date, my dentist won't do anything until after labor. So i. Now am taking the prescribed amoxicilan to kill the infection but that takes a few days before working its magic. So in the meanwhile I've found temporary relief. A lot of tooth pain is due to swelling in the gums around the infected or broken tooth, so to relieve this I took these steps:
1) gently brush teeth thouroughly with sensodyne or whatever toothpaste on hand.
2) rinse with original light brown listerine.
3) take a tylenol pm
4) sleep slightly elevated so blood isn't rushing to it encouraging swelling
5) risne with salt water if needed

This has helped manage my pain safely, I hope it helps someone else. Just remember to try as hard as possible not to irritate the gums. You're aiming to basically stop the swelling around the nerves. Good luck!

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I am 9months and i have this realy bad pain in my gum were my tooth broke off at and my gum grew over the brokein part... i been takein Tylenol...and, risnin my mouth wit salt water and anit nothing happening....

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