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Use Black Walnut. Mix in water, juice, or milk. You can get this at a health store, the bottle will have recommended drops, use more or less accordingly. I did this for my son, his poop in his diaper looked like shreded beef afterwards!!! I did this for one to two weeks, more drops at the begining.

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I called my local naturopath after reading this and she had the black walnut drops. It really works and is safe!


I hope this works...i have no health insurance so this is my only option. Thanks, i think.


Black walnut hull extract is very mild tasting and easy to mix into juice. It is effective against worms but make sure you treat the whole family and pets, so you'll all be worm free:) Even without symptoms, you might have them if one of the kids does.


Hello. My 9 yr old daughter has had somewhat severe eczema her entire
life. I recently read how this can be from parasite infection. After
reading I believe she also shows many other parasite infection
symptoms. I found a Holistic doc in our area who prescribed 25 drops
of black walnut 2 times a day, 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract
2x/day, and a spray called paraclenz 2x/day. He said to do for 8
weeks. Do you feel it is okay to use black walnut in a child for so
long? we are at week 5 and she is a little better.

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