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I am typing this info to help the ladies that is suffering from bv like I have over the years, what helped me, was the Stoney Field organic yogurt,for years, I would read up on different solutions and they just would not help, but, with the yogurt , if you keep taking it, everyday for a couple of months to put your body back in good shape to fight off bacteria. To me, I think, it is so sad that , some people have a valid way of curing this nasty infection, and they would like to make a profit off of someone suffering, there is nothing good about smeeling like stinking fish, so , i waited until, i seen the results for myself,I have been a victim for over 20 years and now I can start enjoying my life without feeling embarassed after I get my period or have sexual intercourse.

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After sex are you still 'fresh' or do you have to douche again with the peroxide.


question? do you have anxiety? I have severe anxiety and I noticed that when it gets bad or I have panic attacks, bv shows up almost immediately. I know there is a link between the two and i have been suffering on and off for about 7 years. I really hate going to the doctor it is embarrassing- the smell, the stains, i feel disgusting.

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