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STOP WAISTING MONEY! I live in Texas and have two 100lbs labs . I tried all the home remedies, spent hundreds of dollars on the yard. Yes they could kill the fleas but would NOT keep them off! The answer? K9 Avantix II. Two days after first threetment and I have my house back. It is killing the little ones too and now I let my dogs roam free in the yard again safe in knowing that even if they do get more fleas from the yard, they do not last long or have a chance to lay eggs. THIS STUFF IS GREAT! My biggest lab has fleas allergies and suffers with poor skin. Two weeks in and he is beginning to grow hair back on bald spots and does not scratch non stop any more. This has been a GOD SEND! Frontline no longer works here and now that I have found this stuff I am not sure I will ever try anything else. GOOD LUCK!

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JRT Lady

First of all, are you treating your home and yard at the same time? It's useless to just treat the animal, you must treat the house and yard at the same time for any treatment to be effective. You may have to do this 3 times at 7 day intervals as the life cycle of the flea is 7 to 10 days. I know it's a lot of work, but it pays off. I haven't had fleas in over 20 years.

I use a plain gentle dish soap and warm water. First, I wash their crates with warm water and gentle dish soap, then wash the dogs the same way. You must leave the soap on for 5 minutes. It coats and smothers the fleas and they suffocate. Then I spray their crates, bedding and the dogs with a mixture of 1 tablespoon pure eucalyptus oil and 6 cups warm water. An effective deterrent is Skin So Soft by Avon which you can rub on the dog every now and then, especially in the summer. It also repells mosguitoes which carry the microphilia for heartworm. After you have treated your yard, use eucalyptus mulch for flower beds, etc. Fleas hate eucalyptus.

I hope this helps.


Yeaaaaah. I only use Veterinary flea drops. Nothing else .works on a long haired cat!


this stuff is poison, this site was for natural ways


I have a daschund he isn't able to use any flea med. because of his blood disorder it will kill him. Any suggestions on what to use for fleas?


where do you get this K9 Avantix II please let me know by emailing me at and in subject write K9 avantix II otherwise it might be sent to my spam folder. Thanks. Also how much for it?


It is the worst I have ever used in my life I am a vet tech I thought I would try it it is a waste a money


I have tried the Advantix II on my little husky. Fleas are still there. Confortis seems to make her sick. Any other sugestions.


K9 Advantix no longer works at all!~ Save your money. Don't buy it. I think the fleas have become immune over time to whatever ingredient that was in it..and/or fleas are now Super-Fleas. Frontline isn't working anymore either. That's why I'm on this site looking for something that will work!


one of the leading causes of canine cancer is the chemicals in k9 and frontline. check with your vet-they are killers.


'HOME' remedies please...

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