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STOP WAISTING MONEY! I live in Texas and have two 100lbs labs . I tried all the home remedies, spent hundreds of dollars on the yard. Yes they could kill the fleas but would NOT keep them off! The answer? K9 Avantix II. Two days after first threetment and I have my house back. It is killing the little ones too and now I let my dogs roam free in the yard again safe in knowing that even if they do get more fleas from the yard, they do not last long or have a chance to lay eggs. THIS STUFF IS GREAT! My biggest lab has fleas allergies and suffers with poor skin. Two weeks in and he is beginning to grow hair back on bald spots and does not scratch non stop any more. This has been a GOD SEND! Frontline no longer works here and now that I have found this stuff I am not sure I will ever try anything else. GOOD LUCK!

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I agree Advantix works great. We have an Irish shephard & it works awesome. Our problem is we have a small yorkie in the house that's allergic to Advntix & almost died after aving it applied. SO, I need a safe home remedy that won't hurt my little one

The Ky Wildcat

First off, thought this was a 'Home Remedy' board, not a place for K9 Advantix to advertise freely, 2nd..... anybody wanna LOAN me the money to buy it for my SEVEN DOGS< yes 7,,,, im disabled, hardly have enough money to live much less deal with this kind of ADDED expense.... don't need lectures on the amount of dogs I have, I enjoy them as much as 'Entertainment', which is necessary to keep your sanity, best friends I've ever had whom don't gossip, ect, plus I didn't buy or get given the dogs, actually I inherited 2 of them when my mother passed... b4 her passing (which we knew was coming) she had asked me to take care of her babies in the event of her death, as any good son would, of course I said 'don't worry momma, course I will,' 3yrs later here I am stuck. I was forced to move from her farm to a lil bitty house trailer now not only are my babies eat up, but the house is infested to the point we are all getting bitten, if the A.S.P.C.A were to inspect me, or the dogs, i'd be in double doodoo...... and at the price of K9 advantix or Frontline, no way I can afford to buy the stuff. THUS, is why im on a 'HOME REMEDY BOARD. Agree with whoever said 'Thought this was for home remedies, Just Sayin' ..... Amen brother/sister.


BE VERY CAREFUL about using Advantage II on your dogs. I have an American Shepard (AKA Australian Shepard) that ended up in the hospital because of an ALLERGIC REACTION to the chemical used. Watch your pet very carefully and if you notice ANY loss of balance or if they act lethargic get them to a vet IMMEDIATELY. My pet spent 3 days in the hospital and I was very lucky to have taken him quickly enough that they could save him!


Here's a Home Remedy that I like: Garlic. This comes from Garlic Valley Farms (good folks - see their website!)All you have to do is put 4 sprays of garlic juice (or 1/4 oz)in food daily for a 5 to 20 lb dog. Garlic is good for the animal and fleas hate it!


Comfortis is the best. It is a flea pill it cost $15 and kills flea when it bites dog. Good for a month or sometimes longer. Capstar pill may be needed if the fleas are very bad . After 10 min the fleas disappear and then you can give it comfortis and your pet is at ease.


it may work but it is very toxic and may eventually affect the health of your dog. I refuse to use any chemicals on my dog, Iuse natural remedies and comb daily with a very fine tooth comb to get all the eggs and fleas that might be left on the skin and fur. It works.


this website is called HOME REMEDIES. stop wasting my damn time. brand name dog flea treatment medication is not a damn home remedy, thanks.

Give Me Natural

We all know K9 Advantix works great, but it is so dam expensive which really irks the crap outta me. The people that benefit the most from having a pet are the poor, oppressed & depressed... yet companies that produce these flea medications charge way too much for their products... which is not fair to these people --- and let's face it -- even human synthetic medicines are chemically processed and some of us would prefer a natural over synthetics. So here we are looking for a natural, cheap remedy. Yes Advantix works but some of us cannot afford it and some of us want the natural. That's why we are searching out a remedy and we don't need to be told a some synthetic medicine works great. Thanks but no thanks.


Didn't work at all on my Yorkie!

T-Bone's mom

Fleas seem to love the K 9 Advantage at my house. I put it on and by day two my poor dog has twice the fleas he had before. So this does not work for me.

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