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STOP WAISTING MONEY! I live in Texas and have two 100lbs labs . I tried all the home remedies, spent hundreds of dollars on the yard. Yes they could kill the fleas but would NOT keep them off! The answer? K9 Avantix II. Two days after first threetment and I have my house back. It is killing the little ones too and now I let my dogs roam free in the yard again safe in knowing that even if they do get more fleas from the yard, they do not last long or have a chance to lay eggs. THIS STUFF IS GREAT! My biggest lab has fleas allergies and suffers with poor skin. Two weeks in and he is beginning to grow hair back on bald spots and does not scratch non stop any more. This has been a GOD SEND! Frontline no longer works here and now that I have found this stuff I am not sure I will ever try anything else. GOOD LUCK!

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UPDATE: We have just completed or first month on the K9 advantix ll and we are still 100\\% flea and tick free. No maintenance has been needed and all of my big dog's hair has grown back. They both look great and I have had no fleas in the house since the start of treatment. I have seen fleas from the trips outside but they never seem to last very long and I never see them the next day. Positive proof to me the stuff is still working. One month has gone by so it is time for a good bath and then a retreat. We should be good until the weather turns colder and slows the growth rate of the fleas even more. My dogs go out now whenever they want and I feel really good about the protection they have when they do. Signed, ONE HAPPY OWNER!


Advantix worked great on fleas, but my dog is still infested with tics. :(


K9 Advantix II is not for every dog. make sure you read the side effects of the product and it's chemicals before using!! It can have very harmful effects on some dogs.


K9 Advantics never worked on my boxers or a yorkie I had. Then a lady I knew that worked with a lot of foster kids recommended Revolution! A God Sent! Need to get a script but well work it. Nothing works better! But not really a home remedy.


Sure it works, IF you have the $$$$ for it. I thought this site was for HOME REMEDIES! Just sayin'...


I like the K9 Advantix II for adult dogs. Go on and compare this to Frontline, Revolution, K9 Advantage, etc. K9 Advantix II is the ONLY one that kills ALL phases of the flea life cyle PLUS repels fleas on the pet AND it's environment. This is why it is so effective.

However, I have a litter of week-old pups that I cannot apply this treatment. So I'm looking for safe ways to rid them and their mom of fleas. A flea infestation can kill pups, so I have to act fast.


It worked on my dog for 2 months, then I guess the fleas bred and became immune to it and it barely killed any for the next 4 months. Also switched Sentry has not worked at all.


I used advandix and it only worked for a week, frontline too. I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has got rid of the fleas. I'm trying the home remedies.


I, too, have had great success with K9 Advantix II. However, suddenly it is not working for my dog. For the first time since I've had her, the K9 I just bought seems to be Not Doing Anything, and she is miserable biting at fleas. I've used a flea comb and have found many fleas. Just sick about it.


K9 Advantix II DID NOT WORK AT ALL ON MY 2-98lb German Shepard Dogs and they had just started showing signs of fleas no infestation. Their biting chewing and scratching actually got way worse causing hot spots on my older girl. Frontline Plus is the best I should have never switched!

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