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One that I have not seen mentioned on here that works a treat for me. I have a hole in one of my teeth at the moment and can not afford the dentist. I tried the cold water trick and did provide mild relief for a short amount of time. Cold Milk also worked for a short time as it seemed to coat it.

But I decided to try one of my granny folk remedies one day and made a cup of sage tea (Sage the herb you use in stuffing) I boiled the sage in water and strained it off so there was no bits left in it. I drank this religiously for about 4 hours and the pain was eased instantly and within 4 hours it was gone. I then just drank this tea everytime I felt the pain start to flare up and it killed the pain again. Now I have found you can buy sage tea bags I always have a pack in my cupboard at home and my desk at work just in case!

I would recommend it if none of the other remedies work. The tea bag remedy also helps and has been mentioned on here a lot!

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take a cloves and break it properly and put for 5 mints in ur teeth which is paining


What is the tea bag remedy that you mentioned? Also, I want to try the sage tea remedy for my husband because he's in a lot of pain. Where did you find the sage tea? In a health food store? What kind of store did you find it in? Also, I looked up the fish amoxicillin and were going to try that but do you have any idea how much to take since fish are so small I would imagine you'd have to take a good bit. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.

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