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Bread!!! Was up trying everything u can imagine until I came across this simple hOme remedy! Chewed some bread and let it sit over the hole in my tooth within 15 min pain went from a 9 to next to nothing. Trust me I was skeptical too but it really worked!!!

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I have a broken wisdom tooth and its been just fine for a long time now but I woke this morning getting ready to leave and all of a sudden the pain from my tooth damn near drop me. Its chrismas so no dentist I read on here and saw sensodyne worked for a few people so I gave it a shot...No Go!...then the bread posting. chewing on bread right now and the pain is bearable now....thanks bread guy.


when my wisdom teeth were taken out the oral surgeon cracked the back tooth next to it. slowly pieces would fall off ti' about 3 weeks ago when the nerve became fully exposed and it even hurts to breath... clove oil worked a bit and i crushed a voltaren and mixed with water to make a paste and packed it in the side missing the tooth and had relief but after a week of this it had irritated the nerve so bad it was bleeding. the braces wax covered in orajel would help but cause the nerve to b sore from having something touching it for too long. toothpaste helps for about 10 minutes at a time but the pain was so bad it hurt all thru my jaw... top and bottom... the bread hurt like hell when touching the nerve but after i removed it.. the pain was much better. THANKS i read a bit about why it helps... its the yeast


It really does work


I am crying right now!! Crying happy tears because it worked!! I tried that stupid Dentemp filling which caused more pain, especially causing referred pain to my other teeth. I was in agony, tears streaming. My husband felt so bad that he couldn't help. I was this close going to the ER for some pain relief. I grabbed a slice a bread. Chewed it up until it was mushy, then used my fingers and pushed the bread in my exposed area and other surrounding teeth. INSTANT relief. I do feel a teeny bit of a throb but NO WHERE near what it was. I plan on keeping the bread patch in there until it falls out, then packing in some more. Thank you! Thank you! We know how toothaches are the WORST pain imaginable, I'm so happy I have some relief. I'm going to continue to put ice on my outer cheek because it's still hot and swollen a bit. Can't wait to get to the dentist tomorrow!


doesn't work, made my toothache worse, thanks a lot!


OMG!!!!! I was in pain from 3 pm this afternoon till just a few mins ago, tried the bread thing and my pain when from a 13 to nothing.... Thank you so much

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