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Bread!!! Was up trying everything u can imagine until I came across this simple hOme remedy! Chewed some bread and let it sit over the hole in my tooth within 15 min pain went from a 9 to next to nothing. Trust me I was skeptical too but it really worked!!!

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Ty, ty, ty!!!!!! Bless u for sharing!


Omg! Thank you so much . I had this same pain
Two years ago n remember wanting to die. Another tooth has been acting up n last night the pain hit full force especially trying to lay n sleep. i knew I couldn't live through that again. I saw your post and tried it and amazing.
Thank you a million trillion times. Try it even if your skeptical, it works.


I went to my dentist for my regular checkup. I learned that two fillings on two adjacent teeth were gone for no apparent reason, according to my dentist. They were just put in a year ago and he was shocked to see them gone. I was complaining about teeth pain on the same side. Enough that it needed 4 Advil and Anbesol on it. He had me make an appointment to fill them that was 4 weeks away!

This worked for 1 week after dentist appt. I had excruciating pain if anything came in contact with the outside of any tooth on that side. The Advil/Anbesol route was rendered useless. All I could do is exert pressure on my cheek which took away a little pain, but more importantly, it kept fluids, food, and saliva from reaching the outer facing side of all teeth involved (6 teeth in total, 4 were referral pain, but were the worst!). I mean the pain was so bad I was banging my fist (I am not a violent person at all) against the wall while my face was collapsed into the sink.

I went online to see if anyone had any recommendations to lesson this pain, even if by 50%. Luckily, I found this site.

THANK YOU for the chewed bread tip. Even while I chewed the bread on the good side, the pain on the bad side was through the roof. As soon as I pushed it into the space where the fillings had been, the pain disappeared immediately! I slept through the night with the bread in place. The dentist has fit me in for a 1pm filling for tomorrow and thanks to whoever posted that, I will be able to drive to that appointment safely. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Works like magic. I tried it and it really works for me and now I can sleep through the night without crying of pain. Thank you so much and I vote for bread and trust me it really helps ease the pain


YEPPERS! You nailed it! I discovered this 'Bread' trick back 11 years ago when i had my very first episode of Hell! Yes,the tooth ache was like living in hell and NO pain like it ever in my life,even after birthing 6 children and etc., the tooth pain by far is the worst ever! Id rather have a broken limb or spit another baby out any day! I was so desperate,out of Oragel after going thru a tube in 2 hours and got desperate! i just had this human instinct telling me that I needed something to not only remove and absorb all the sugars and etc out of my tooth,but also to pack it with something where that nerve was exposed. I tried bread,and it worked!!! I wasnt pain free,but it became tolerable! Depending how bad the tooth pain is,it has fully gotten rid of it at times and other times it made it tolerable. With 800-1600 MG of Motrin for me of course lol. My suggestions are Clove oil,after using strong mouthwash first (add lil warm water if its cold),then after clove oil,chew up some bread and let it sit there awhile. I do at times rinse with warm salt water if no more mouthwash. But always need a pain reliever and I am in recovery,SO Vicodin ISNT for me,BUT Motrin WILL WORK just as good as Vicodin does considering when I did take Vicodin,I had to have Motrin with it anyways HA! Oragel just doesnt cut it and these are all SAFE,easy,cost effective simple solutions that are even ok for kids (not Vicodin tho). Kids will like Bread,salt water or mouth wash much better and it helps!

Brian NJ

This was the dumbest thing I ever heard, but with nothing to loose in my kitchen was some bread lol, I'm freaking amazed... after 6 straight hours of excruciating pain, I feel fantastic... and bout to get some well needed sleep... TY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!


Thankfully your a genius. It's 4:30 in the morning and you fixed me. Thanks again my friend. Wish I could buy you a drink for this one.


Thankfully your a genius. It's 4:30 in the morning and you fixed me. Thanks again my friend. Wish I could buy you a drink for this one.


OMFG!!! I was in so much pain, tossing and turning all night, had 8 panadols, tried the tea bag on your tooth trick..nothing worked! I cam across this and was like 'yeah right!'...but I tried anyway...omfg haven't felt this relived in ages!!! now enjoying a hot cup of tea and about to get some much needed sleep as it is 3am..THANK YOU SOOO MUCH xxxx


omg this really does work.thanks so tooth hurts so much broken back tooth.iv had this for 6 weeks taken pain killers every day from Tesco.iv also been taking my husbands pain killers for stones.i cant wait to sleep.

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