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I've found that Noxema is a great way to pull out the heat in a serious sunburn. Just apply to the sunburn rubbing in gentle circles.

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If you have a severe burns Noxema will cause it to blister and burn even more.


noxzema wouldn't rub into skin only left a white residue on my severely burned arms. didn't help with the heat at all. 2 weeks later i'm almost done peeling and my arms itch so badly i've nearly bruised from all the scratching.



DO NOT USE THIS for sunburn. WHY in the world would you post this??!! If you really used this for your sunburn you wouldn't have posted it. DO NOT USE THIS for your sunburn. It will make it tight and you will be worse than before you used it. What a jerk you are for post this as a good thing!


I agree!! Noxema is NOT to be used on sun burns! Yogurt I find is the best!

Ashley Dawn

I am sorry but I have to agree with the person who posted it. IF YOU USE IT RIGHT Noxema will work. My ex's mom had me take the regular white Noxema cream in the blue container and put it in the refrigerator. I kept it in there and everytime I got burned I applied it and let me tell you FROM EXPERIENCE it does work. The tingling takes the burn out and i never peel when i use Noxema. I do peel if i dont though. My ex's mom was a nurse. And my ex played golf and was extremely fair skinned & always burnt so his mom kept that stuff handy and I still use it as well. So I dont know why you guys had such a bad experience unless you did something wrong.


noxema does help....i used it about 5 min ago.i placed huncks on and let it sit for about 5 worked


Noxema DOES work I have it on right now and it takes the burn out!

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