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I know everyone's frustration! I have had GH for 14 years now. I had my 1st outbreak while celebrating my 24th BDay in Cancun. It was horrible, I was in so much pain and discomfort!!! When I got back I went straight to the Dr. I thought I was and wanted to die! I was not one to sleep around, but my xboyfriend was a man whore come to find out and he denied even when i found prescriptions in he's room.
Anyway, it was hard at 1st n I thought I'd never get married or have kids. I've been married for over 14, yrs n have 3 beautiful kids. Life does go on.
I have not had an OB in years but with a lot of stress in my life right now has caused an outbreak and I'm so irritated I'm going to try one of these remedies in the morning. No insurance, little money. Need to get rid of OB n stress!

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Were your pregnancies hard with gh? (meaning did you have more outbreaks than usual) and were you still able to have a natural birth was wanting to know how my next pregnancy will go


Carmex works best and it's cheap. I know what your going through. I have no insurance either.

unknown az

i have herpes i got pregnant lest yr and i was so afraid of passing it on to my innocent harmless baby...i told my obgyn and she said there was pills to prevent outbreaks so i could have a natural birth so there is ways of preventing outbreaks and having a baby...


with kids and the normal stresses of life plus economy and plus side effects of prescriptions and costs i use natural as well. I use H plex from Health-right discoveries. they have a whole formula of high quality ingredients in one product that covers all levels of an outbreak before it happens. they use Natural Astaxanthin (strongest natural antioxidant), Olive Leaf Extract (Natural Antiviral), Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 (Natural Antivirals because its a virus), Ashwagandha (Stress/Cortisol Regulation this helps prevent a breakout and greatly reduces feelings of daily stress) and a bunch of other relevant vitamin and minerals it takes about a month of daily use but once it starts to kick in it works great i feel overall better and i never have outbreaks bc it stops them before it happens
If you are interested i can't post a link bc this website won't let me
so you would have to go to health-right(dot com) lol


ooo i also forgot to mention its a cheaper buy because it has a lot more of quality substances and i think its on sale now so its really cheap


i want to be clear that you all are using the carmex vaginally.

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