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As a male it has been a chore to explain what my skin tag was on the left side of my penis for the last ten years. I tried the dental floss technique I found here last week and it was suddenly just gone this afternoon. It took a week but replaced confidence I've been missing for a decade. Freedom! Thanx to all you guys!

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Mas Puto

I tried your technique but my entire penis came off in addition to the skin tag. I thought you said to tie the dental floss around the base of my penis and pull it as tight as possible then tie it off. Well I did that thinking the skin tags would fall off, they did, still attached to my penis as it fell off an landed with a thud on the floor. My Chihuahua picked it up and ran off with it, by the time I caught him the little bastard had eaten it. Yo Quito Taco Bell!


Mas Puto, you're a douche!


I agree Mas Puto. That was obviously made up from a sick mind and was not funny. You do realize that young people look for remedies at times too and this is just nasty! Not funny at all!




hahahahaha that was very funny. i am a girl. B, dont take it personally this guy is just funny.

Smooth Again

It worked just as described. I have been suffering with one also on the left side of my penis for years. It was large and ugly. I read these remedies and was very hesitant to try it due to the sensitivity of the location. However after reading this gentleman’s post I decided to try it. I tied dental floss around it and double knotted it. I tightened it a little every day to the point of discomfort. On the 2nd day it turned black. Stayed black and shrank for exactly 7 days and it just fell off. I did cut the dental floss off 2 times trying to keep it from getting infected. I do not think it would have anyway looking back. Thank you so much for this web site and for the gentlemen brave enough to post his experience. Smooth again! I thank you and my wife thanks you most of all.

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