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I've been having trouble with RLS for years (I describe the feeling as similar to the feeling of having your arm twisted behind your back wrong but deep in your legs). Now I've started putting a small pillow (contour pillow) between my legs at night and it seems to make a big difference. Maybe it's the little bit of tension from my legs to keep the pillow there, maybe it's the different position it puts my knees, hips, legs, etc. in - I don't know but it's working. I felt the RLS start to creep in the other night so I grabbed my pillow, slipped it between my knees and didn't move - I should have been miserable in minutes but instead the sensation went away!

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thats wat i used to do i always had it as a kid but i havent had it in the longest time tonight i suddenly got it back so i tried the pillow technique which usually gave me relief only gave me more pain so i wrapped an ace bandage on it n im waiting to c if it helps any but very good idea as i said it HAD always worked for me


Are you sure your not having charlie horses? Maybe try drinking some tonic water with quinine. I am going to try this along with a small walk before bed. Hope this helps you, I get the same thing you described which I consider charlie horses plus restless leg. I'll ket you know if it helps me, let me know if it helps you.

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