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THIS IS MAGIC!!!! TRUST ME it works overnight! VASELINE!!!!!! One thick coat left overnight and in the morning it will have all lierally fallen off! After 2 whole bottles of olive oil not making any difference, I decided to try Vaseline and it took one night! I couldn't believe my eyes in the morning! No need to brush or coax it away, just wipe off the Vaseline and the bits that have fallen off! :-)

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I mean the vasoline helped the diaper rash in case someone was confused,lol.


My son has had it bad sickely a baby he's 17 now and its really really bad....he's too embarrassed to go to the doctors for help....I'm gona try the jelly stuff on him n hope it helps ...its stopping him leaven the house he wheres a hat in the house too....wish us look x

Just mommy

I'm on second child 7 years apart my oldest's ped said vas my 3mo olds said vas with warm rag 5 min few times a day and use dandruff shampoo twice week.. Suo youre saying my ppl with 8 years school and 40 years exp are wrong and I'm poisoning my son.. Get a clue and stop scaring ppl it is perfectly safe have another way use it but don't freak when someone else has one too..dont like it dont try it but dont be so ugh about it..


Petroleum is Made from crude oil and has been linked to cancer. I woukd use olive oil or coconut oil.


Everything causes cancer. Do what works for you.

abby c.

If vasaline is poisonous why do they.tell you to on newborn boys afterafter they are circumcised.... Lol get it together


I just have to say to everyone, think about it, petroleum jelly is made out of the same oil we put in our cars... Not everything causes cancer, but most man made, enhanced or extracted things do. We need to go back to our roots! You are so blindly going where you are lead, little sheep...
Of corse Doctors say to use it, they also use poisons to kill cancer, vaccines with a horrid amount of mercury and other heavy metals and chemicals, I could go on for days! Stop putting this crap on and in our future!!


And as for cutting the tip of an infant boys penis off... Need I say more?

a mom

I wish you would all type like adults, I cannot understand most of your comments. So sad what is happening in the US.

Luv ur body

You need to weigh up the pros and cons and decide for yourself. Yes this stuff is made from a poisonous substance that could potentially lead to some nasty cancer later in life but then so is your everyday shampoo, facial cream and even your plastic bottle of mineral water. 90% of the products we use and consume today is filled with potentially lethal chemicals. For those concerned about using Vaseline try read the labels of those lovely body products you are smearing on your baby and yourself! For a safe alternative try a natural bees wax or olive oil mixture (tui balm is great) avoid parabens and chemicals - from the processed food including the plastic packaging right through to your daily cleaning products you are continuously eating and absorbing these cancer causing chemicals! In today's modern world it's hard to turn down the easy plastic/ crude oil 'necessities' of our daily lives and take up the natural healthy options.
For those of you who choose to live chemical and plastic free lives good on you and the future generations will thank you for it. And those of you who choose to keep using the easy life- (everything wrapped in plastic, filled with crude oil) are only shortening their own lives and that of their families.

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