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THIS IS MAGIC!!!! TRUST ME it works overnight! VASELINE!!!!!! One thick coat left overnight and in the morning it will have all lierally fallen off! After 2 whole bottles of olive oil not making any difference, I decided to try Vaseline and it took one night! I couldn't believe my eyes in the morning! No need to brush or coax it away, just wipe off the Vaseline and the bits that have fallen off! :-)

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Trying it tonight! Hope it works


My baby is 1month and also has cradle cap its not nice seeing his wth that stuff on his head even thought its so harmless ill try it


I agree! Tried baby oil and it was tedious, caused loss of a lot of hair, and did not really results. Tried Vasoline yesterday and this morning it is almost completely gone!! Much less work too. Also, I just read that a humidifier may help to prevent recurrence because it keeps the skin moisturized but not oily.


Do you put a hat on baby over the vasoline or do you just paste it on and put baby to bed with a towel or something underneath? My LO has had the cradle cap for quite some time and nothing has worked to get rid of it so I'd like to try this but just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Pls and Thx


Oh my, stop right now !!!! Do even know what vas is made of? Poisoning your babies, and directly on their brains. Completely shocked


Don't try this I tried it and it made my sons skin much worse and made him quite poorly. Please please don't do it.


Just use olive oil it works for adults as well and it's natural

Father of four

Seriously it's petroleum jelly... That's it... That's all that is in it... It is completely harmless and there is no need to FREAK out. Your baby is not porcelain. I'm gonna try this tonight. Thanks

Webmd user!

So I read all the comments on here and just decide to look it up on webmd which is what nurse and doctors use!! It said to use petroleum jelly!! So for those who say its harmful maybe you should look it up on a reliable source before making a comment like that!!


Why would you say its poisonous?? Not very bright are you?? and on their brains?? No,on top of their head...smh.....thanks for info going to try this tonight as well. And I read olive oil will actually make it worse, because its a type of yeast infection and olive oil feeds it. But many friends have said it helped with diaper rash and since yeast can cause that as well it makes sense!

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