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ACV is the best

Apple Cider Vinegar does the trick!
Ok to everyone who is still anxious about the whole ACV treatment, I have to say stop worrying because it actually works. But there are a few things to take into consideration before starting your treatment.

If your warts are flat and not really bumpy or even ball shaped then yes ACV does a fine job. But if you have really big warts you might need to get them removed by a doctor. But if you have flat ones and they are not that big. You can have many of them, but make sure you don’t have strange looking warts. Regular non dangerous genital warts should always look skin colored and never be bleeding unless you have scratched them. And scratching could easily make it all worst.

These things are not as contagious as people think. And when they spread easily to other parts f your body it usually means you are dealing with a stronger kind of wart. In my case I got a “big” one at first. About half a quarter of an inch tall. And then several smaller ones about the size of the first one and some much smaller. All of them spread around the top of my penis shaft and the lower abdomen. I would say something around 30 in total and it all happened in no about 15 days. I thought they would go by themselves but they never did. So I went online and hear the whole ACV thing and thought it was too crazy. So I opted for neobol spray and lots of garlic.

I took real raw garlic and had some everyday for lunch. And I started to see the really small ones leave and I felt like this was the solution. But after a few days the bigger warts remained the exact same size, and some really small ones started to appear too. So I got a litte concerned and disgusted with the whole thing and went to the store to get some ACV. I got the Heinz 5% acidity one. It has been known to be the best and one of the strongest.

So I’m going to give you a detailed log of the 10 days it took for me to get rid of these things.

-Take at least one big raw garlic clove daily

-Drink or eat at least one small yogurt daily with probiotics.

-Work out. Any kind will do fine as long as your boosting your defenses and your cardio.

As far as the ACV you will also need:
Some cotton. Not the small cotton balls, but the one sold in big squares that you can cut as you wish. And also get some latex gloves on. You’ll know why in a minute.

So every single day you will only do about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours. You hear of people saying they went to bed all night with cotton taped to their affected areas but this is not very efficient at all. There needs to be more pressure than the kind you get from cotton taped to your body.
Check the entire affected area of your body. As far as the ladies, im not even sure if you should apply ACV in your inner vaginal lips or even near them of the clitoris. So if your affected area is outside that region then go ahead.
So you cut a piece of cotton about the size of the affected area and put the ACV on it. But avoid too much, because it will start dripping once you apply some pressure.

Put your latex gloves on and then press the cotton against the affected area. If its too hard to apply on the entire affected are at once, then you’ll just have to spend twice the time daily. But it’s very much worth the lack of sleep.
Like I said before just press it against the affected area and leave it there for at least one hour and no more than 2. The pressure should be good enough so that the cotton is completely pressed against your skin. But not so much that your hand will get tired in less than 10 minutes. Simply letting your hand weight rest on top of the cotton will do fine. I did this everytime while laying on my back in bed naked. Don’t wear anything because ACV smells like dirty old socks and you don’t want that smell all over your room.

The first day you should notice after 2 hours, that every single wart you treated should look whitish or at the very least grayish colored. And if they don’t, it means you didn’t apply enough ACV or not enough pressure. If some look more discolored than others it also means they got more ACV on them than the others. So try to keep even pressure on all the warts that are in contact with the cotton and ACV.

By day two of the exact same procedure they should start looking darker and by day 3 they should be completely black. Don’t try to remove them because they will fall on their own and they are completely dead when they do. They cant spread by falling on your skin or anything like that. Keep treating all of them with ACV until they fall off without you touching them. But if they have been black for over 5 days and haven’t fallen then you could just take them off with gloves on and some alcohol to make sure the area is clean. They are basically scabs, made out of the dead virus that made the wart appear.

If you treat the warts for many days and they don’t turn black, then you might be dealing with a more powerful HPV type and could need medical treatment. So I suggest you stop using ACV if you can’t seem to affect the warts at all.

After you get rid of every single one I suggest you keep a healthy diet anyways and eat yogurt and garlic as many times a week as you can. Also remember to do some kind of workout to keep your defenses up. And you can keep applying ACV on any areas that you think need extra cleaning. So if you see any areas turning white, it means they still have infected skin on them. Let those heal on their own and then apply ACV again only if you see any bumps coming back.

Hope that helps people get started. It actually works!

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Do you just eat the raw garlic? Should I just pop a clove in my mouth and chew and swallow it or what? And does the acidity of the ACV matter? Does white vinegar work? Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.




Jake white vinger dont work try the acv the acidity s alwz 5%for ladies the acv doesnt affect ur genital infact t works vry effectively removes even bad smells from ur pussy bt t itchies if alot s applied

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