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I'm in my early teens and have had and on and off battle with eczema. It has been pretty mild over the years, worse when I was younger. I know the main trigger for me is stress. It's hard to control and I usually stress over a lot of things, so there are never huge periods of time when the eczema is completely gone, but they do come.

I found as a kid smaller lakes I swam in usually cleared up my eczema pretty well. Also salt water. A week long trip by the ocean. After the first couple of days of swimming in the salt water, you wouldn't have been able to tell I had ever really had eczema. I was free of it for a week or so afterwards as well.

Obviously you can't always bathe in certain types of water. When I'm at home and I have a little outbreak(usually from stress) I get upset and even more stressed, and just start scratching like crazy. which just makes me feel worse and my stress level raises that much more. Though recently I've been able to just calm down and realize I know exactly how to handle this, I've been dealing with this my whole life.
So I take a minute to completely calm down, and start drinking a lot of water. Water is one of the best remedies I can think of. I drink as much as I can in a day without feeling sick, and repeat for as long as it takes. It is a sort of slow process but it really does help. When your eczema is pretty much cleared up don't stop drinking water. It really has helped me for a long time.

It reminds me that I am in control of my eczema, and it's not the other way around.

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Does it really give relief ?


If the salt water helps then try adding epsom salts to your bath! I had horrible eczema when I was younger and I found that helped a lot, or putting oatmeal in the bath (just like when you have chicken pox!)

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