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Soak the affected (and surrounding) areas in antiseptic mouthwash such as Listerine. Use the original kind (the mediciny one). Immediately relieves the itching and burning symptoms.

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I used the listerine method and it really worked. I had athlete's foot for over a year, and nothing over the counter worked. A friend of mine told me about listerine and it is gone.

Henry Jennings

I used this and after 3-4 times soaking my feet in Listerine, the AF was gone and my toenails completely recovered.

Works great; I used the generic listerine from Long's Drugs which was around half price.


I have suffered for Athlete’s foot for years. I soaked my feet in Listerine and spray them every night and morning with rubbing alcohol. Since I have started this process the Athlete’s foot has been kept at bay and nail fungus has started to clear up. I also pray all of my shoes before and after each use. So far so good. This really works.


My son has a rash on the bottom of one foot from hand, foot and mouth disease so bad it was unbearable. No creams helped. Listerine on a q-tip worked great! Now we'll all sleep tonight! Thank you!

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