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Kevin Boles

When it comes to toothache, there is very little out there that will cure it. First, if you have a toothache, a trip to the dentist is almost inevitable. If they pain lasts more than 72 hours, and seems to be getting worse, GET to a dentist. End of story. Cloves didn't work for my throbbing tooth, nor garlic, and Orajel...that is the most useless product on the market in my opinion. What helped my tooth pain was peppermint oil. A friend told me about it, and it actually helped tremendously! You can get it in a breath spray at Whole Foods. Vitality Works Breath Freshener (Vitality Works is the brand). Spray it twice on the tooth in pain, and it cures the pain for a few hours at a time. Best...and only...cure for toothache. But again, get to the dentist. Your tooth is telling you there is a problem.

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