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I know this will sound really strange but my son really has bad leg cramps. He will wake up just about every night screaming about his legs. I read putting a bar of soap under the sheets by the feet will relive the pain. Tried and it worked!! Artical said to try either dove or ivory. I tried Ivory.

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I had that less than a year ago, I'm sixteen a physo-therapist said I needed to eat a pack of salt crisps and banana's because I had a low level of something (not sure) but it works really well.


I use to get cramps at least 3x a month. Since I tried putting soap near me, I've only had one episode the last 3months. I got relieved when I placed the soap on top of my leg. Actually, any soap will do and not necessarily under the sheet. I just put it beside my legs, under the blanket which sometimes is already beside my arms. I prefer using scented soap and the ones that are about to be changed so that it is not bulky. You don't even feel it as much as if soap is still new.


I had heard this about the 'soap treatment' too. It really works...quickly. I get toe and calf cramps from time to time, I'll put on socks and then place a small bar of soap in the sock so the soap lays against my skin over the muscle that is cramping. I'm able to go right back to sleep within seconds.

Scot J

Omg I can't believe putting a bar of DOVE in a sock over my calf cramps actually work!!!! I need more soap:)) i haven't rested for months at night bcus of the leg cramps!!! Now rest with ease. Thank you thank you thank you:/)


So I just buy a bar of soap and place it in my bed-if this works, ill be SO happy.


Didn't work for me


Both me and my husband placed the soaps at the end of our bed (per the request of his mom- she swore it worked for her). Sorry, but it didn't work for either one of us. Husband had the worse one today in bed...another old wives tale it seems.


I was completely skeptical, but decided to try it anyway. I put a bar of homemade soap at the foot of the bed, under my bottom sheet. However, I sleep in a fetal position so my feet/legs aren't in contact with the soap, and IT WORKS . . . 100% and immediately! Rather than calling it an 'old wives' tale,' why not try with another brand of soap? With so many people finding relief this way, there must be something to it. Check out and read about the studies underway.


Strangest thing no one knows the ingredients in the soap that prevents or stops the cramps. I keep a bar under my pillow every night. My cramps are so bad I feel like they are going to give me a heart attack. I do mean they are crippling! Vinegar, & Mustard is also very good for cramps,tablespoon every night!

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