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OMG I was in soooo much pain that I would start to cry randomly through out the day ... 12:57AM on a Saturday I woke up from the pain in my mouth went to the ER was told it was an abscessed tooth. Was given antibiotics and told to make a dentist appointment. Well all day sat. it got worse I used an ice pack constantly for minimal relief. By Sunday all I could do was lay in bed and rock back and forth bawling my eyes out. I'm pregnant so no pain meds. for me. I have a horrible cavity and broken tooth that got an exposed nerve that's dying.


Swished with peroxide for about a min and spit. (to make sure the area was clean)

Made a swish of apple cider vinegar and ground clove (can find at your local walmart) ((The taste almost made me vomit)) kept the mixture on the side of the infected tooth for about 30sec. Then spit.

Took some super polygrip and covered hole in my tooth.

So far I have been PAIN FREE for 33mins and counting!!!! I'm sure its just a temporary fix and I will have to do it again but any kind of relief was welcome no matter the amount of times I needed to do it! However the next time I think I'm am going to try to make a paste with the vinegar and clove rather than the swish to cut down on the nasty taste!

Hope this helps someone I know what you are going through!

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