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The key is persistence with almost any remedy here.

The apple cider vinegar worked but stank up the house but it was the most effective.

Tea tree oil, lemon, garlic, and regular tea also worked in the past.

After scratching your feet, wash them and don't scratch your other areas.

keep your feet dry, starch or baking powder in the shoes.

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Very good advice, thanks! But there are a lot more ways to cure athlete's foot. For example, special insoles made of antibacterial cedar-wood. I personally made very good experiences with Zederna Insoles.


Baking powder in your shoes? I thought it was baking soda. But I might be wrong. I had a relatively mild case of athlete's foot a little over a year ago. Then I was thrown in jail for 5 days (the D.A. rejected the case, I bore an uncanny resemblance to the real suspect); and when I took a shower there, almost immediately my foot turned red, like it was blushing, and it was rapidly spreading up my leg. I got out the next day, and a good friend of mine saw my foot and leg, and told me 'Dude, you got a staph infection, get to the hospital ASAP!' The point I am making is this: be real wary about exposing your athlete's feet to the outside world, especially in nasty places like jails, because with the cracks and raw skin it is like an open invitation for virus, bacteria, and fungi to enter your bloodstream. An IV got rid of the staph right away, the hospital strength Chlotrimizol (I think I got the name right) eliminated the AF in about a week. Now, a year later, I am experiencing another minor outbreak of athlete's foot. I work long hours in construction, and sometimes I don't have a chance to change my socks and shoes as often as I would like. This time after I wash and dry my feet, then douse them in hydrogen peroxide, I am going to try the tea tree oil idea. And to keep the fungus away for good, I am going to dust my footwear, my carpets, and anywhere else my feet may end up, with plenty of food grade diatomaceous earth. I'm confident the DE will wipe out the smell, the moisture, the itching, the fungus, everything. They use it in grain silos to get rid of bugs. It also takes care of flea infestations, gastro-intestinal parasites, spiders, etc., etc. Google it and find out for yourself. It is totally safe for humans and pets, just try to avoid inhaling too much of it or getting a lot of it in your eyes when applying it. It is completely natural 100,000-year-old fossils of diatoms (which are something like plankton) that are ground into a fine powder. On a microscopic scale, they are like sharp little shards of glass. They physically pierce the tough exoskeleton of any little critters or parasites, then draw the moisture out of them causing death by dehydration. I'll write back in a week or so to let you know how it went. This condition is quite unpleasant to say the least. I can only imagine how miserable it must be for those who are suffering from it worse. My heart goes out to you. Get well.


P.S.: If you choose to take a test drive with the diatomaceous earth, be sure to get only the food-grade DE, and not the stuff for inside your pool/spa filter!! The DE for your pool filter is heated or baked, or something like that, and goes through some kind of chemical modification and is poisonous if taken internally.

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