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Ms. Kat

I have been a daycare teacher for many years and can share a guarenteed solution to treating diaper rash. My parents ask my secret and here it is:

First of all - diaper rash is mainly caused by a lack of hygene but can also be caused by acid in the diet, prescription medicine, yeast infection, or uti. If my solution doesn't work consider that it can be caused by one of these.

Change diaper at least every two hours. When you do WASH the affected area with soap and water and pat dry. This is essential! Let it air dry a few minutes.

Apply a liberal amount of diaper rash ointment to the area. It's important that it's gel and not cream. The cream kind, like Desitin, burns when applied and your poor baby is hurting enough as it is. I also sprinkle some baby powder for good measure though it isn't neccessary.

Within a day the diaper rash will be much improved.

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Are you a daycare teacher in a 3rd world country? First off, you shouldn't use soap unless absolutly necessary cause it will burn. Use cotton balls in luke warm water to clean the diaper area and let it dry. Second, where have you ever found diaper gel? It comes in ointment or cream - those are the options. Third, powder is not a good idea - especially for little girls. Powder that is cornstarch based can feed a yeast infection,alot of parents won't know what to look for in order to tell the difference between a common diaper rash and a yeast infection. By the way, I work in pediatrics.


I agree with above commenter - NEVER put powder on a diaper rash for any child. If my daughter's day care providers followed your advice they wouldn't have my business any longer!


yes you NEVER PUT soap on diaper rash!!! that will irritate it even more. Same thing with baby wipes, only use warm water with a washrag. ALSO DIAPER RASH IS NOT from a lack of hygene, every baby gets it, mostly from the diaper rubbing and add urine and stools into the mix, DR. Sears is an AMAZING pedi. and even he says diaper rash is not your fault if you change them regulary. Best thing is to let the baby air as much as possible and use some A&D ointment/diaper rash cream such as desitin. but DO NOT EVER use soap that could infect it as well as burn your little one. good luck to you. PS.i have a 5 month old and my best friend is a pediatric dr.


on more thing, they are saying not use powder AT ALL anymore because particles go into the air and go into your baby lungs causing complications.

Ms. Kat

I have treated hundreds of children this way and never had one cry out because I use mild soap. If they did I would have stopped immediately. I do it because it works. I explain to parents exactly what I'm doing and they always thank me. Some are doctors as well.

In fact, I never use wipes on DR, I meant ointment (A&D), and I don't use powder on any baby under 6 months old. When I do on older children it's just a tiny amount. I actually prefer the baby oil gel because it prevents anything from sticking to the skin.


Where are you finding this diaper rash gel?? The only thing close to gel I've ever heard of or seen referenced online are gel PADS or aloe vera gel. And poor hygiene is NOT the only cause for diaper rash. My 2 two-year old had severe diarrhea earlier in the week and despite changing him as soon as needed it, starting out using Desitin, then switching to A&D ointment, and letting him go w/out a diaper as much as possible, he still developed diaper rash so severe he started to bleed. --

Is having severe diarrhea and the diaper changed immediately after considered poor hygiene??

That's what bothers me most about your post, if you honestly believe that poor hygiene is the most common reason for diaper rash then there must be a lot of terrible, unfit parents out there, because I've never met a mom or dad with a child in diapers, all the way from infant to toddler, that didn't have to deal with diaper rash, at least 5-10 times at some point, esp in the first 15 months.

Personally I think you should rely on your pediatrician's advice more than anyone else, but if your remedy works, great, just when sharing it w/ parents, keep the inaccurate, judgmental assumptions about the 'most common cause' of diaper rash to yourself. Esp when I think it's safe to say a good deal of the parents you share this with at the daycare work full-time themselves. -- They have enough to deal with and likely feel guilty about, without being told that their child's diaper rash is caused by a lack of proper hygiene, meaning that either they're not paying as much attention to their child's needs as they should or that the daycare isn't doing their job and are letting their child sit around in soaked diapers for long periods of time.


My baby girl has extremely sensitive skin & I have tried & continue to try everything to help her. I was extremely offended by the comment that diaper rash is caused by poor hygiene. That is an extremely rude & incorrect statement. My baby is almost 2 & gets diaper rash ALL THE TIME, she is so used to being cleaned & bathed so has told me since age 1 as soon as she goes to the potty so I can change her, clean her & apply ointment immediately after she goes. If she sits in a dirty diaper for more than 5 minutes she can get bad enough to bleed every time. She even gets the rash on her face every now & then. You must think every parent in the world lets their babies play in filth. My little one has been seen by her doctor for this issue over 6 times and I was told hygiene has absolutely NOTHING to do with her rash when I offered to bathe her more. My doctor said that of course poor hygiene can make the situation worse, but 95% of the time is not the main cause of the rashes. There are some other options I have not yet tried offered in other posts & I thank everyone for them & will try everyone of them until I find the right one to help her. But I think I'll skip the advice given on this one. I mean how dare you state that a parent would not do everything they could to stop the agony these little ones are in. Makes no sense for us to be looking for cures on sites like this if we don’t care enough to even bathe our babies.


*My sons rarely had diaper rashes unless they had diarrhea (it is the moisture from too frequently needing to use wipes, not the soil itself unless left for a very long time, in fact you shouldn't wipe unless there is a # 2 which was recommended by my doctor, and use a cream of your choice after bath for prevention. It has worked for 4 children), and never before 9 months old . My daughter on the other hand has one at a little over six months due to very sensitive skin as one commenter also said. I tried buying cheap diapers to save $, and am paying dearly for it. She can't even use certain baby wash which I have discovered at the same time. One remedy my sister told me about since my niece had the same problem, is browning flour on the stove, and sprinkling it on the affected area.


Wow Ms. Kat, what a rude & completely false assumption. Yes poor hygiene CAN cause diaper rash, but it's FAR from the most common cause. If it's the most common cause at the daycare you're working at then maybe you should be reporting some of these parents. Most of my family works with children in many different fields & we've always had a lot of children in my family. Every child in my family had diaper rash at some point. It just happens. My 26 month old daughter has it right now because I was running low on cash after Christmas shopping & had to buy cheaper diapers & wipes than I usually use. It's only her second time having it. I make sure to give her a bath every day & I change her diaper every couple hours. I let her run around without a diaper as much as possible. She's a very clean, healthy toddler. She's only been sick 1 time in her life & it was just a little cold that lasted maybe 10 days. She's never needed any doctor treatment for any illness. So your opinion is far from the truth & extremely rude. I agree with the person that said we wouldn't be on sites like this looking for different treatments for diaper rash if we didn't even care enough to bathe our children.


Ms. Kat, you're tone is very condescending. I have three children, twins that are 13 months old, and a five year old. I assure you our hygiene is not a problem. I would never allow you to care for my children 1. You don't sound like you know what you're doing according to seasoned mothers and pediatricians 2. You actually made me feel like a bad mother for any of my children getting a diaper rash. Please keep your 'advice' to yourself.

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