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I use About a cup of water, teaspoon and a half of honey, and a teaspoon of sugar. Heat up the water so it's steamy, and then add your ingredients, mix together and drink. This works wonders for your throat ache.

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i just made it. it was so nasty i almost threw up but thats just my opinion.


it worked


I jst did it but it hasnt worked yet


This didnt help me at all


Not sure why you add the sugar. The 1.5 teaspoons of honey is already yoo sweet.
So, without sugar, the drink is smooth, and is easy to drink.i hope it works.


It tasted delicious!!!!It helped my thoat tons which is great because it's eaither yummy tea or salt water, and i am sooo not a fish.


Easy to make and tasty. Worked as well and helped me sleep. Thank you!

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