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I develop kidney stones every month!My Kidneys Are Factory Of Stones!No DOUBT!lol
Well cranberry juice and mixture of olive oil and lemon works outstanding!and if not then go jump it will pass out of gravity pull!depending on the size!
best wishes!

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Tony Z

2 ounces of olive oil to ounces of lemon juice then jumping I pass taste 3 millimeter stone in 12 hours good luck to you!


Will someone please tell me how much = the dose ? Like how much lemon juice to how much olive oil per dose please ?


Take half cup of olive oil and half cup of lemon juice!like quarter of lemon juice and same quantity of olive oil!its taste is not good but will surely help!and one other thing i have tried recently is eat water melons and yu will urinate more often and this will probably cleanse your kidney and ureters!
Good luck!and dont depend on doctors they are just keen to earn money not to treat i experienced!
em a future doctor but still saying dat!work for yur self by yur own remedies! :)
stay healthy! :)


yes it does work! I had kidney stones five yrs ago and now they are back. Cranberry juice and olive does work. The olive coats your inside so you won't feel the pain when you pee and juice cleanse your system out.


Do you have a copper IUD? I'm wondering because my kidney stones started happening every month too. I have had great success with home remedies. the problem is three doctors have looked at me confused when I have asked about kidney stones and menstruation.


Ever seen the ad on TV where the guy is carrying a jug of Uric acid auornd with him? It is about the stupidest ad's I've seen.Everyone I have ever known that has Gout and uses prescriptions, has gout for a very long time, if not forever. I here them talk about gout attacks.People has use herbs or cherries are gout free in a few short months depending on how serious they want to be free of gout.Unsweetened whole cherries from your food chain are generally the cheapest way to go when using cherries. From the health food store you can get concentrated unsweetened cherry juice, bit pricey.Herbal, theres a few that work, off hand Nettle leaf. Other herbs include: Queen of the Meadow, Gravel Root, (Safflower Petals for pain). For the fastest relief use Nettle capsules as directed on the bottle every 12 hours, and 1 tablespoon of the whole Unsweetened cherries every 12 hours.Cause of gout products with yeast, Beer, breads, process lunch meat, and much more. Do a web search for yourself.I had gout twice, cured with cherries the first time and Nettles the second time, been gout free for 20 years.


Hi,1 a month? wow I thought I had the record with 1-2 yearly. Any way now I pass them with no real pain from many years,ACV and water as soon I recognize the symptoms, it take 15-20 minutes then if nothing comes out with the first urination it will in the next couple of days, but no pain just some time an itchiness. I passed one just yesterday.


Please read about kiddney stones and cranberry juice, youd be suprised but it is not good for them especially in men.

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