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Douching often is not recommended, but sparingly is okay as long as you do it with the right ingredients. I came across a douche of 1 teaspoon tea tree oil in 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol, diluted in 1 pint of water (purified if possible). Make sure you dilute it well, or it could burn. Tea tree oil and rubbing alchol are powerful antibacterial agents. Tea tree oil especially is good for yeast infections and balancing natural pH.

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Tea Tree Oil combined with water for a douche works wonders for Yeast Infections..My Labias were so swollen and I was very itchy, but within literally minutes of doing 1 tsp tea tree oil to 1 qt. water douche, the itching stopped immediately, and the next morning the swelling was gone..I had the swelling for days.


OUCH! No way in the world is rubing alcohol going anywhere near there, mixed with the oil or not. I think I'd rather just buy an OTC treatment!!!

Cynthia Williams

Tea tree oil, alcohol rub, and water may cause some people to become gaseous(extremely bloated) if allergic to one, or the other ingredient. I've had an experience with bathing with just alcohol in my bath water and became extremely gaseous(bloated) and it was difficult for me to get rid of the gas. I'LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!


I used this after being extremely itchy for days and literally within minutes the itching was gone and the cooling sensation from the tea tree oil was a nice change from the burning and itching. I would highly suggest this remedy.


This really works! I have chronic yeast infections and I could never get rid of them. The itching and burning sensations were so unbearable (and not to mention the smell was embarassing). I used this remedy and within minutes the swelling was gone and the Tea Tree Oil left a cooling, tingling sensation that made the burning sensation dissapear! I'm not saying that Tea Tree Oil is the BEST smelling stuff, but the yeasty smell vanished. I will def be using this every time I get a YI now!!! Thank You =)

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