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Kait J.

I have had very extreme eczema problems for several years. As a woman, it can be very hard to deal with, and it has even made it very difficult for me to perform simple hygiene tasks, such as shaving my legs, etc. I have tried all sorts of topical steroid creams and lotions, as well as home remedies, but so far with no luck. Stress and allergies (I have many environmental, medicinal, and food allergies/sensitivities) have only made my eczema condition worsen down my arms/elbows, the backs of my legs/calves, on my eyebrows and neck, and sometimes down my lower back.
Flares occur constantly and at this point I have pretty much quit on trying to help my skin, until I found an article in the newspaper about drinking 2-6 cups Oolong Tea (also known as Wu Long Tea) per day can completely heal eczema. I happen to enjoy Oolong Tea at a local Chinese restaurant occasionally, so when I found out it may work, I was very excited about the possibility of eliminating this awful disease. I have just started drinking 2 cups a day and so far I feel that it is working. I am also using Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash in the shower, and immediately afterwards I rub my whole body down with Aveeno Calamine & Pramoxine HCL Anti-Itch Cream.
I am hoping to show better signs of healing soon, however it has only been one week. I have done extensive research online about Oolong Tea and the possibilities seem endless. I hope this helps others with this awful disease. I used to feel very alone with this problem and I just wish the best for everyone dealing with this. Good Luck!

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kait i feel for you. you may want to try the diet i posted. its premise is to eliminate toxins internal and external, and anti-inflamatory. lots of water but i use distilled. if you use chlorinated or flourinated water it kills all the good bacteria in your digestive tract. eliminate all nightshade vegetables, use probiotics, eat alkaline diet(50% raw fruits and vegetables. it can't hurt to try. good luck :)

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