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Well, I think I spoke to soon about my 'P'. It came back worse. It's like it gets immune to the stuff you use on it. So I am back to the drawing board. I am going to try to take some different advice and try to kick psoriasis butt from the inside out. Will see what happens and how it goes. (I am not very good at watching what I eat, but am really going to try hard.)

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i just found out flu shots contain mercury!!!! a very nice nurse at a major chain spoke very openly with me. ask if it contains thimerosal as a preservative. it's 50% mercury!!!mercury is stored in your kidneys and does neurological damage especially your to your brain. i would rather have the flu than mecury wreaking havoc on my neurological system.


jennifer i looked up eucerin original moisturizing cream, ingredients of concern:mineral oil and petrolatum both are petroleum based products, petrolatum is an endocrine disrupter. methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone are both neurotoxins. i know this is picky but people with overloaded immune systems have to eliminate as many toxins as possible. your skin is the largest organ on your body and the these toxins get into your bloodstream through your skin overloading your immune system. research the chemicals for yourself. most people can use this stuff and show no signs of toxicity but us 'p' sufferers have to be more vigilant. its not just one item causing 'p' it's the total of all toxins that causes problems. i would just use coconut oil to moisturize. good luck


please tell me the diet and whatsoever the treatment is for it the permenant cure?it wasn't on my hands and feet and now it has started appearin there too.please help


nueil the diet is 3 blogs down starts with 'i've had 'P' for 25 years' it was posted on 7-13-12. there is no cure for 'p' but you can control it and repair your skin so you don't have to be embarrassed about going out in public. you need to reduce your toxin intake, reduce inflammation, reduce excess body acidity, and thinning of your intestinal wall. if you look up leaky gut syndrome, you can see why we have to be extra careful about what we eat. 70% to 80% of your immune system is associated with your intestinal tract. the diet will get you started lots of raw fruits and raw vegetables. good luck.


I have lived with psoriasis for almost 22 years now, my entire life, actually, and the immunity build up happens with just about every ointment and topical cream I've been prescribed. One thing that has always proven to reduce itching and red spots for extended periods of time - UV light. I live in the south so it's easy to just lay out in the summer, but for special occasions when I wanted to be spot-free or the itching was noticeably annoying, I have used tanning beds. Yes, UV exposure is a risk, but for psoriasis it works wonders, at least in my own and many other cases. I suggest anyone interested make sure that UV related diseases aren't in your heritage before they try it, but encourage it be considered an option for those with lower risks.


I finally broke down and went to the dermatologist after I couldn't take the pain of the cracked, bleeding fingers. He told me I have eczema on my fingers and prescribed a steroid cream and also to use CeraVe SA lotion. After just 3 days my fingers are so much better. All this time I was told, and thought it was 'p'. He also told me to use no hand soaps except Dove bar or California Baby soap. ( I think I will stick with Dove...the California Baby soap is $30 for about 20oz!! If it lasts along time, I wouldnt mind so much!! I guess I'll try it and find out. $30 for relief isn't a great deal to pay if it works.)


janet different disease but same cure as 'p'. good luck.

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