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I was diagnosed with the herpes virus type 2 almost a year ago.. I dnt remembeer having an outbreak.. If I did it had to be many years ago and I thought it was an allergic reaction to the condomns.. But anyway I try and use baby powder or vagisil powder to help keep the sore dry.. Because when they are dry it decrease the pain.. I get one sore in the same spot which is in the rim of the anal cavity.. Very painful.. Also I use hydrocortisone for the pre symptoms and I wash and dry the area a few times a day to promote the fast healing... Dnt forget to coat the area with powder.. And make sure the area is dry so the powder wont cake up.. Hope this works for everyone.. :-)

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im a guy and i have had hsv (not sure which) for some time now. outbreaks are pretty mild and not really painful but i usehydrogen peroxide. it stings a bit but it cleans the area, drys it and prevents it from spreading to a bigger area. change underwear before and after bed and put it on whenever i can. works for me although i have read hsv is more painful for women this might not be the best treatment for you perhaps epsom salts in the bath would help.

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